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platinum ingots

Platinum Prices are in Recovery Mode

After experiencing a fall of almost 25% in the last year, platinum prices started the healing process. This precious metal has gained significant growth over the last few weeks after reaching...



AUDUSD Weakens – Rebound Is Still Possible

AUDUSD weakened in the last trading day of the week, but is still likely to post three straight weeks of gain thanks to the rally two days earlier. Some economic data from Australia was...


France CAC 40

For CAC 40 Optimism Shifts to Pessimism

The CAC 40 closed at 4,200.67, down -27.86 (-0.66%,) from its previous close of 4,228.53. Throughout the day, it traded between 4,187.97 and 4,269.47 before settling down. The 52-week range presently...