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Aveo Pharmaceuticals (AVEO) Skyrockets On CHMP Recommendation

Aveo Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:AVEO) is soaring today, currently 68 higher at $1.22 in mid-afternoon trading – a boost of 49 cents. The sudden surge...

Novartis AG (NVS) Spikes on Promising Cardiovascular Results

Novartis AG (NYSE:NVS) is trading sharply higher today, following the company’s release of positive Phase 3 data regarding its inflammatory atherosclerosis therapy – ACZ885....

Lipocine (LPCN) Spikes On Testosterone Dosing Data

Lipocine Inc (NASDAQ:LPCN) is considerably higher in mid-afternoon trading today, currently up 27 cents at $4.29 – a boost of nearly seven percent. After...

Neos Therapeutics (NEOS) Slips In Wake Of ADHD Drug Approval

Neos Therapeutics Inc (NASDAQ:NEOS) is down more than nine percent in early-afternoon trading, despite the company announcing earlier today that its ADHD treatment just...

Clovis Oncology (CLVS) Jumps 50% On New Rucaparib Clinical Data

Clovis Oncology Inc (NASDAQ:CLVS) is soaring today, currently up 50 percent at an even $90.00 – a $30.03 boost from Friday’s closing price. Additionally,...

Microsoft (MSFT): A Stable and Consistent Player

Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) extensive market penetration, strong brand recognition and the culture of spending significantly in research & development of new products allowed it to...

FDA Starts Reviewing Rigel Pharma’s (RIGL) Orphan Drug Application

Rigel Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ:RIGL) is making some serious gains today, currently up 27 cents at $2.77 – a 10.8 percent boost. The surge arrived...

ConocoPhillips (COP) Is In a Strong Position to Cope With Oil Price Volatility

Oil prices have been tumbling sharply over the last two months, down almost 14% since OPEC players have announced to extend their output cuts...

Is IBM Worth Considering For Your Dividend Portfolio?

International Business Machines (NYSE:IBM) has time and again proved that they have the potential to generate sustainable growth despite a rapidly changing business environment...

Owning a stock is like owning a part or a share of a company. Before the technological revolution, shareholders would be issued a certificate proclaiming them as an owner of X amount of shares. Today, share ownership is verified digitally and the vast majority of stock trading is done online. Before computers, to sell stock you would have to physically take your certificate and sell it. Today, a few clicks on your computer is all it takes to buy and sell shares. Moreover, many brokers offer relatively inexpensive flat fees to make a trade.

Stocks also come in different types. The most common is the aptly named common stock. This is basic stock in a company with a claim to dividends. When people discuss stocks without mentioning which type, the majority of the time they are taking about common stock.

Going higher up the ladder, one gets to preferred stock. This is a share of ownership in the company with special rights, such as guaranteed dividends, more voting power (depending on the company), and if the company is liquidated, preferred shareholders get paid before common shareholders.

Stocks are very flexible and different companies have various classes of stock that they define. One benefit of earning income on stocks in the United States is the capital gains tax, which may be less than regular income tax.


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DJIA Today: Dow Jones Futures Fail to Rise for Fourth Straight Session

The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended flat on Friday, as broad gains in technology were offset by sliding consumer and financial shares.The blue-chip index...

S&P 500 Futures Rise on Tech, Energy Gains

U.S. stocks advanced briskly on Friday, as gains in technology and energy shares eclipsed broad declines at financials and utilities.The S&P 500 Index advanced...

AUD/USD Pushes Sharply Higher To End A Four-Day Losing Streak

After declining for four straight sessions, AUD/USD reversed higher on Friday in a recovery to erase about half of the week's losses. The...
natural gas

Natural Gas Prices Edge Higher, Positioning Data In Focus

Natural gas prices will find it difficult to gain strong support in the short term, but any further paring of long positions would help...

USD/CAD Boosted By Weaker Than Expected Canadian CPI Data

USD/CAD rallied sharply today as inflation data out of Canada was broadly weaker than expected. The boost in the exchange rate offset some...